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Photo provided by SLUCare Physician Group

SLUCare optometrist, Dr. Katie Loock, examining a individual. Photo furnished by SLUCare Doctor Team

In the course of these days of virtual mastering and get the job done-from-residence Zoom conferences, issues stemming from eye strain are an significantly popular grievance. But the excellent news is there are measures you can take at residence to ease signs or symptoms, and the superior information is that no volume of computer use has been connected to blindness.

“Computer eyesight syndrome is a very real concern,” reported Dr. Katie Loock, a SLUCare optometrist. “It’s impacting all of us. But I want folks to know that despite the pretty serious symptoms, which are irritating and agonizing and disruptive, they are not foremost to irreversible extended-term hurt.”

Nevertheless, she cautions that troubles linked with eye strain, these types of as blurred vision, double eyesight, dry or irritated eyes and even head aches and neck or back agony, should not be ignored. If you have tried some of the next tips at house without having reduction, it may well be time for a extensive eye exam.

“You don’t want to endure when there is no need to have to,” Dr. Loock reported. “We seriously can provide a whole lot of assistance for these signs.”

Loock, who sees clients at the Middle for Specialized Drugs at 1225 South Grand, is aspect of a workforce of eye specialists at the SLUCare Sight and Audio Heart who work with each other to see that your eyes get the treatment they should have. As an optometrist, Dr. Loock is normally the very first eye professional a affected individual sees. She might be ready to remedy your dilemma with glasses, contacts or treatment. If the concern requires professional medical or surgical interventions, she will refer people to an ophthalmologist.

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