4 Factors to Choose the Best Tuition Centre For Your Kids

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4 Factors to Choose the Best Tuition Centre For Your Kids

Since 2015, we have seen a rapidly increasing demand of tuition centers in Singapore. According to a report of AsiaOne, the Singapore tuition center field has reached $1 billion from past few years and will grow more in coming years. However, it is not a shocking news because with growing competition in studies, the demand of science tuition centers has seen a rapid increase in Singapore.Because the exams are getting difficult day to day, students find it hard to cope up with it just in schools. They need more attention and guidance that is only possible by enrolling them in tuition centers.

Educational institutes has become a necessity now and every student demands it. As parents, it is really a tough job to find the best tuition institute for your kids as there are many options and selecting one among them is quite tough. The question that arises here is what to look in a perfect tuition center. In this article, we have listed 4 factors that will help you to choose the best tuition center for your kids.


  1. Class Size

Why class size is important in studies? The answer is very simple, if one class has more students then teacher can’t give proper attention to each student and unfortunately it is hard for him to solve problems of each student. With small size classes that has not more than 10 students mean each student can get the attention and tutor can solve problems of all students easily.So it is good to have small classes instead of large classes.


  1. Tutor’s Background

The second thing is to check the background of the tutor. The ex-teachers of school or teachers who are working in school for many years has most experience in teaching field. An experienced teacher has more knowledge than a private tutor as he is working in this field for many years. He knows how to deal with students and what issues a student face. Furthermore, an ex-teacher has knowledge about the examination questions. He knows what type of questions may come in exams and can teach students accordingly.


  1. Teaching Style

In teaching, there are three main teaching styles that are visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic. It is necessary to check which learning style your kid is comfortable with and enroll to only that tuition center which has that teaching style. Here lets take an example, if your kid is auditory learner, then he will learn more from verbalized and concept explaining teachers. If he is a kinaesthetic learner, then you must enroll him to tuition center where hands-on-activities are performed. The last is visual learner, where students are more attractive to graphical representation of topics that makes it easy for them to memorize.


  1. Types of Notes & Materials

The last factor is the type of notes and materials teacher provide to students for learning. It is very important to look at what type of notes are providing by tuition centers. You have to confirm that these notes are worth learning and are they made by an experienced teacher or not. Furthermore, the notes and materials are only given to the tuition center students which give edge to the registered students.


These are the 4 factors that every parent must consider before enrolling their kids in any tuition center. These factors will help you to find the right science and physics tuition center in Singapore that is suitable for your kids. We hope these tips will help you in best way.

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