7 Best Kids Meal Delivery Services 2020 | The Strategist

Photo: Jeff Franklin Productions

For all the reasons it can be a special kind of torment to be stuck in the house with your kids during a pandemic, dealing with their finicky palates is chief among them. Which is why a number of our mom and dad writers and editors decided to test out a range of kid-specific meal-delivery services — from those containing freshly puréed carrots for a baby’s first solids to those offering substantial toddler fare like chicken marinara. The price points among the different options vary; some cost about the same as the veggie pouches you might pick up at Whole Foods, while others run you more like $8 per meal.

As with our coverage of the adult versions of such services, we evaluated things like ease of preparation and quality of ingredients. In some cases, our discerning little guinea pigs probably didn’t get to give their sample feasts a truly fair shake, considering that conventional wisdom suggests children must try a new food as many as ten to 15 times before they’ll enjoy it. But we did find a number of options that they gobbled right up. Whether you’re using them in a lockdown or not (and let’s hope none of us ever have to do this again), these services do indeed make mealtimes less stressful, with no bullet blenders or steaming baskets required.