9 Things Never To Do Right After Giving Birth To A Baby

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The female body has to change a lot during the nine months of pregnancy, and then during the birth of a child. And you should not expect that immediately after giving birth everything will return to normal. Some changes take months and even years to recover, and some will not return to what it was. 

But the most important time are the first few weeks. The cervix and uterus will need 1.5-2 months to recover as the uterus needs to shrink 600 times. In addition to existing changes, there are a few more to consider. In order not to spoil your health, you need to know what things are not good for young mothers.

Things Not To Do After Childbirth 

Here is the list of things that you should not do right after giving birth:

Sleeping Too Little

It is clear that this sounds absurd – small children usually do not let parents sleep. But if you try to stay awake too much and run to do things while the baby is sleeping, the body will not cope with the load. 

For at least the first two weeks, you should put aside everything that can wait. You should entrust household chores to others and go to bed at the earliest opportunity. Sleep is the best healer for a body exhausted by childbirth.

Drinking Alcohol

Mothers of newborns must keep in mind that frequent consumption of alcoholic beverages can put your health at great risk. Alcohol even pass to breastmilk, which can harm the well-being of an infant. Thus, you must get rid of this habit for your and your child’s health. There are many rehab centers that can facilitate you in recovering from addiction.

For example, if you are comfortable with single gender rehab centers, you can get help from women-only treatment facilities.  Moreover, you can find top women’s detox centers in the US. So do not wait further and get help immediately from nearby treatment center.

Worry About Everything

Anxiety is part of a normal parenting life, and in the first weeks after the baby is born, it triples. It becomes more prominent if this is your first child. The mother worries all the time and doubts whether everything is going well. 

These are all important, and it’s perfectly normal to worry about such things. However, excessive worries can also negatively affect the mother’s condition. And it also indicates the presence of mental disorders. After childbirth, they develop especially quickly. 

Lifting Weights

In the first months, it is especially important not to strain the muscles of the pelvic region. It is usually advised not to lift anything heavier than a child, but even at first you should try to pick it up only when you are sitting or lying down. 

And certainly you must observe this rule if the birth was operative, through a caesarean section. Lifting weights threatens not only with broken seams, but also with injuries due to stretched muscles and ligaments. So don’t rush!

Pushing Too Hard On The Toilet

Postpartum constipation is not just a common occurrence; the vast majority of mothers suffer from it. And the intestines, at the end of a period of long pressure, need some rest. Thus, going to the toilet causes pain and hemorrhoids develop in every third woman who has given birth. And after a cesarean it occurs more often as this is how pregnancy affects the body.

In order not to cause changes in the condition of the uterus and vagina by straining, it is necessary to fight constipation with the help of liquid and fiber. Drink more, including pure water, eat vegetables and dried fruits.  Prunes are also good for constipation, especially if you also make a decoction.

Handling Everything On Your Own

It is clear that if there are no assistants nearby, then nothing else remains. However, it often happens that a young mother takes on absolutely all the affairs, and still takes supplements, refusing to help. 

There are two culprits in this situation: postpartum hormones, which sometimes mislead with a seemingly huge supply of energy. And public opinion, which still likes to remind you how mothers used to give birth in the fields, and then immediately grabbed a sickle.

Start Exercising Right Away

The first weeks after childbirth are not the time for sports training, no matter how much you want to return to your previous shape. The maximum load is an easy warm-up, which is really easy. Walking and taking care of the baby will do the rest.

This is important, because the internal organs, the center of gravity, the curves of the spine need to return to their usual place. A small stretch and the simplest exercise is all that is possible in the first month.

Suppressing Emotions

Sadness, fear and anxiety, a feeling of powerlessness – motherhood is not just filled with flashes of joy. No need to hide emotions, they will find a loophole to the outside or undermine health and self-confidence from the inside. 

Chat with a friend, read the forums of young mothers, find yourself an interlocutor with whom you can talk on such topics. You can even pick up a psychotherapeutic hobby, such as drawing, singing, or writing posts on social networks.

Taking Hot Baths

You should not take hot baths in the second half of pregnancy, and it is clear that after childbirth you really want to finally relax in the water. However, it is not yet possible. Doctors advise not to rush and wait until the postpartum discharge ends.

 Their presence indicates that the wound on the surface of the uterus from the separated placenta has not yet healed. It means that an infection can get into it with water. In addition, the high temperature of the water dilates the blood vessels, which can cause or increase discharge, provoking pathologies.

We mentioned a few things above in this article that you should not do right after giving birth to a baby.

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