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Apraxia is a condition in which the individual is unable to complete daily tasks that require movement. A specialist can help in diagnosis if there is damage to the posterior parietal cortex or corpus callosum that is causing a problem with motor functioning. If someone notices the symptoms should visit the best neurologist in Lahore to determine the cause and condition for selecting an effective treatment plan.

What is apraxia?

Apraxia is a condition in which the individual is unable to move and perform the desired task due to compromised neurological functioning. The damage to the posterior parietal cortex or corpus callosum is the main reason behind apraxia. The different types of apraxia are:

  • Limb Kinetic Apraxia: The individual s unable to perform a task using fingers, arms, and legs. They are unable to make coordinated movements and use tools such as a screwdriver.
  • Ideomotor Apraxia: Individual struggles with coordinating with verbal commands.
  • Conceptual Apraxia: The person struggles to complete a task that requires following more than one step.
  • Ideation Apraxia: The person struggles to plan movements in a sequence, such as getting dressed.
  • Constructional Apraxia: The person is incapable of copying and constructing uncomplicated images and structures.
  • Buccofacial Apraxia: The person finds it hard to practice facial expressions for communication.
  • Verbal Apraxia: The person suffers from communication problems due to difficulty in producing certain sounds.
  • Oculomotor Apraxia: Individual suffers from making eye contact, and eye movements are not in their control.

What indications indicate a person suffering from apraxia?

The common signs and symptoms of apraxia are:

  • The individual is unable to complete simple tasks using hands, arms, and legs.
  • The person struggles in coordination and managing body balance.
  • The person with speech apraxia is unable to pronounce the words and to complete sentences. Also, they find it difficult to use complex words; hence, their speech rate is relatively low.

What are the tests used to determine the condition of the patient?

  • Magnetic resonance imaging: The MRI detects any damage in the brain that may have caused apraxia. It also allows detecting the extent of the damage.
  • Medical History: The specialist will look into the medical history to detect the cause of the damage.
  • Physical Testing: Physical testing allows that specialist to understand the problem with coordination and how the individual is unable to follow the commands.
  • Communication and Listening Abilities: The way the patient communicates is essential for diagnosing apraxia of speech.

What causes a person to suffer from apraxia?

The causes of apraxia include:

  • Genes: Children at birth can suffer from apraxia due to genetic influence.
  • Stroke and Tumor: Brain stroke or tumor can result in brain damage that results in dysfunctionality in body movements.
  • Head Trauma: Head injury can cause damage to the parietal lobes that may result in apraxia.
  • Dementia: Dementia can cause apraxia in adults.

What changes and therapy help the patient manage their symptoms? 

There is no permanent cure for apraxia. The specialist tries to treat the cause to help the person function adequately in their life.

Occupational therapy is proven effective, as they employ devices and tools that help the patient effectively express and communicate. The purpose is to help make the surroundings safer for the patient. Also, speech therapy helps the person to practice sounds and rhythms to help with speech apraxia. If the condition is severe, the patient can use an electronic communication device.

Individuals diagnosed with apraxia need to change their lifestyle and visit a neurologist if they notice a change in their symptoms. A specialist will help provide guidance for effective treatment and therapy that would help in enhancing the quality of life.

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