As a country, we’ve unquestionably been chatting a great deal about the worth of handwashing around the past 10 months. It turns out this mundane and however possibly daily life-saving undertaking gets its own “awareness week,” in December.

As an infection preventionist, I have expended my job doing the job to make certain both equally my colleagues in the hospitals and our individuals do all the things they can to remain healthful. An infection prevention need to be everyone’s duty. My purpose is to generally inspire and motivate other folks to aid stop the distribute of germs. To that conclude, it is crucial to comprehend the ‘why’ behind it. I consider if another person sees the motive behind a particular exercise or plan, they are a lot more most likely to do it.

According to the U.S. Centers for Sickness Command and Avoidance, hand cleanliness is the one most important point you can do to prevent the spread of disorder or infection. And it’s not just COVID. It’s almost everything:

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