Best Fat Burner Supplements [Safe Weight Loss Pills] in 2020

You’ve been dieting, and exercising for months with no results to show for it.

That’s hard, right?

All your effort for nothing. Counting calories, going to health stores, and all that boring cardio for nothing.

What do you do? Do you give up or do you continue to try new ways to lose weight and belly fat fast?

This is where a fat burning supplement can come in handy. A top thermogenic fat burner can boost your metabolism and help you take your fat loss results to the next level.

Let’s get started! But first, I know what you’re thinking:

Do fat burners really work?

Weight loss supplements have gotten a bad rep over the years. The reason is simple. There are too many companies out there making ridiculous fat burning claims just to get your money. Then they go bust and you never hear about them again.

The best fat burners on the market on the other hand are reputable brands that are in it for the long run. These are companies that care about your weight loss results. They formulate their products based on science and they care about their customers.

They do not overpromise, but they do overdeliver! That’s what I like about them. The best thermogenic fat burners on the market help you lose body fat safely and naturally.

Top 5 Best Fat Burner Brands Today

Here are the best fat burner pills on the market:

  1. Leanbean – Best For Women
  2. ShredFIERCE – Best For Men
  3. Powher – Appetite Suppressant
  4. Hydroxycut Hardcore – High stimulant
  5. Jym Shred – Affordable option

Let’s take a closer look at each product.

1. Leanbean – Best Fat Burner For Women

Leanbean was the first-ever fat burner specifically formulated just for women. Filled with top fat burning ingredients to help women who struggle with stubborn fat boost their metabolism with no side effects.


  • Low stimulant – Many women are sensitive to caffeine
  • Thermogenic booster – Naturally boosts your metabolism
  • Clinically-proven doses – Substances with valid health claims in Europe
  • No side effects – The formula is safe for women
  • Worldwide shipping – They deliver fast all around the world
  • Money-back guarantee – When you go for 90 day supply


  • Konjac Fibre – Glucomannan helps you feel more full so you snack less on unhealthy foods
  • Turmeric – Thermogenic spice with antioxidant benefits
  • Choline – Increase fat metabolism
  • Acai Berry – Antioxidant benefits
  • Zinc – Optimizes your hormones
  • Chromium – Reduces food cravings
  • Vitamin B6 & B12 – Reduce tiredness
  • Chloride – Contributes towards normal digestion
  • Green Coffee – Burn through glucose more easily
  • Garcinia Cambogia – Helps you feel more full and satisfied
  • Piperine – Black pepper extract that helps your body absorb the ingredients properly


Leanbean is one of the top weight loss supplements for women on the market today. Packed with science-backed ingredients, and lots of testimonials and reviews from happy customers makes it a solid choice.

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2. ShredFIERCE – Best Fat Burner For Men

ShredFIERCE is hands down the number one supplement out of all the best fat burners for men right now. Contains proven ingredients like L Carnitine and Green Tea Extract for maximum weight loss results.


  • Boosts metabolism – Burn more calories on a day-to-day basis
  • 100{d9cf345e272ccae06ddf47bdd1d417e7fd8f81a9d196cc6ace4cb20fad8f4c22} transparent formula – Nothing is hidden, you know what you’re putting in your body
  • Increases energy – Helps you exercise harder and longer
  • No side effects – Safe weight loss formula
  • Worldwide shipping – Free when you buy more
  • Money-back guarantee – When you go for a 3-month package


  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine – Boosts your metabolism
  • Glucomannan – Fat burner that helps you feel more full
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract – Increases metabolism and energy levels
  • Caffeine Anhydrous – Increases focus and energy levels
  • 5-HTP – Appetite suppressant
  • Vitamin B6 & B12 – Helps you feel more energetic
  • Chromium – Helps you snack less
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract – Antioxidant that helps burn glucose
  • Cayenne Fruit Extract – Metabolism booster to help you burn fat
  • Black Pepper Fruit Extract – Helps you absorb all the other ingredients more effectively


ShredFIERCE is excellent for men who struggle with burning fat. With all the right ingredients to help you lose body weight more easily, and with a money-back guarantee as well makes it a no-brainer.

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3. Powher – Appetite Suppressant

Another one of those excellent weight loss pills for women. Designed to help you increase metabolism and get better results from your diet. But Powher is premium priced, which puts it below our top products.


  • Proven appetite suppressants – Keeps you full for longer
  • Reduce tiredness – Have more energy to exercise harder
  • Low stimulant – Ideal for women who don’t like stimulants
  • Worldwide shipping – Fast shipping to anywhere in the world
  • No side-effects – Safe formula for women


  • Magnesium – Reduces tiredness and fatigue
  • Selenium – Influences metabolic rate, and hormones that affect appetite
  • Chromium – Appetite-suppressant to help you lose weight
  • Iron – Improves functions of your immune system
  • Konjac Root – Considered the best appetite suppressant
  • Choline – Boosts the break down of your fat
  • Natural Caffeine – Increases energy levels naturally


Powher is one of those premium-priced fat burners for women. A good addition to a healthy diet to take your fat metabolism to the next level.

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4. Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen

Hydroxycut is one of the most popular and well-known fat burners in the world. Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen is their latest development, it combines a handful of ingredients to target various aspects of burning fat.


  • Convenient to buy – Most likely available in your retailer of choice
  • Affordable – Friendly for those on strict budgets
  • Boosts metabolism – Helps you burn more calories
  • Increase energy – When you need a boost after hard days


  • Green Coffe Blend – Antioxidant
  • Caffeine Anhydrous – Increases mental sharpness
  • Coleus Extract – Fat burner that helps burn more efficiently
  • Blue Skullcap Extract – May boost mood
  • Yohimbe extract – African plant that increases energy
  • Ophiopogon extract
  • Guayusa – Anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory herb


Hydroxycut Hardcore Next Gen is a top choice when you’re on a tight budget. Keep in mind that it’s high on stimulants but effective at boosting metabolism.

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5. Jym Shred

Formulated by the legendary Dr. Jim Stoppani, a bodybuilder and Ph.D. of exercise physiology. A trustworthy brand that deserves a place amongst the best.


  • No proprietary blends – Nothing is hidden
  • Trusted company – Backed and formulated by a legend in the fitness industry
  • Budget-friendly – Affordable option for most people
  • Science-backed – Ingredients are backed by evidence
  • No side effects – Safe formula low on stimulants


  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine HCI – Aids loss in body weight
  • L-Tyrosine – Increases focus and mental sharpness
  • Green Tea Extract – Helps you burn more calories
  • Caffeine – Increases energy and focus
  • Cayenne Pepper Fruit Extract – Aids in weight loss
  • Synephrine – Metabolic booster to lose body weight


Jym Shred is an affordable and convenient option for men and women. You can be sure that you’re shopping with a reputable brand that takes customer satisfaction seriously.

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How to make the most of your fat burner?

The best diet pills and fat burning supplements are made to help you lose weight, but they can not do all the work for you. It’s only recommended to use weight loss pills if you’re already eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly. Those looking for a magic solution should stay away from supplements as they are more likely to buy into scams.

Here’s how to make the most of fat burner supplements:

Exercise regularly

Exercising is a great way to lose fat. But you don’t have to go to the gym to exercise. Although muscle-strengthening activities are important. It’s also important to find what you enjoy and do more of that. Exercising could simply mean walking to work or meeting up with old friends for a game of ball. Health authorities recommend that you should move more and sit less. Exercising is key when it comes to boosting fat metabolism.

Eat a balanced diet

Snacking less on unhealthy foods, and eating more real foods such as vegetables, fruit, lean meat, beans, and eggs can help you live a more healthy life. But it can be hard to change your whole diet overnight. Instead, you can aim to remove one bad habit from your diet every week. Focus on variety, and nutrient-dense foods. Stay away from foods and beverages with added sugar.

Set a goal and have a weight loss plan

Whenever you’re tackling a new challenge, whether it has to do with your job or weight loss efforts, it’s important to have a clear goal in mind. Be realistic and take baby steps. You should be thinking in the long-term, as that’s what the most successful people tend to do.

For example, your goal could be to lose 10 lbs in the next 10 weeks. From there your plan could sound something like this: “I’m going to walk more often to work, prepare my own healthy lunch, snack less on unhealthy foods, and eat fruit instead.”

Exercise more than you’re doing now and eat more real foods such as vegetables, fruit, lean meat, and eggs could get the fat-burning ball rolling fast.

Consult with a doctor

It’s not recommended to start taking any new supplements without consulting with your doctor first. Especially if you’re already taking some types of medications. Even though most weight loss supplements for sale in big retailers are considered safe and natural, there’s always the chance that some of the ingredients don’t suit you.

A doctor can also help you discover what type of diet and exercise program suits you best in order to burn fat.

Top Fat Burning Ingredients

You can not expect great weight loss results from fat burners if they do not contain the right ingredients. When shopping for safe diet pills you have to begin by looking at the label. Here are a few of the fat-burning ingredients to look for.

Konjac Fibre (Glucomannan)

Glucomannan is a soluble fiber that expands in the stomach up to 30 and 50 times. This means that it can help you feel more full. By doing so you consume fewer calories and by consuming fewer calories your body uses fat for energy instead of foods. This is the main reason this appetite suppressant is considered one of the best fat burners, and it’s actually approved as a legit fat burner by European health authorities.


This substance should be found in the body in trace amounts. However, the consumption of sugar can lead to its’ deficiency. Supplementing with Chromium as a fat burner can improve the metabolism in the body. Chromium also helps control insulin levels, reduce cravings and increase energy levels.


Caffeine can inhibit adenosine receptors, which stimulates your central nervous system. This gives you the energy to perform difficult exercises more effectively. Since it can intensify your workouts, it contributes towards overall higher calorie expenditure. Not only gives Caffeine you increased energy, but it also enhances your cognitive abilities and raises your focus.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract has been studied a lot and been used in Chinese medicine for more than 5,000 years. It fires up your metabolism and increases fat oxidation. This means your body uses more of your stored body-fat as energy. Green tea also increases energy levels and has a powerful antioxidant profile.


This nutrient, which is not classified as a vitamin or a mineral, is synthesized by the liver. Our body doesn’t produce enough of it, so it may be important to supplement with Choline. It has been shown to improve normal fat metabolism which means you can use stored body fat for energy. This can help healthy weight loss occur.


Supplementing with Acetyl L-Carnitine increases energy production, boosts metabolism, and gives you greater endurance. It’s mainly a metabolic booster, but it can also improve mitochondrial health in your brain giving you a nootropic benefit. That is perhaps why it is considered one of the best fat burners for older people


Often referred to as Bitter Orange, Synephrine can boost your metabolic rate without typical stimulant related side effects. On top of this, it inhibits the activity of some fat cell receptors that usually prevent fat mobilization. This means that it works in two ways to help you lose body weight.

Types of Fat Burners

There are a few types of weight loss pills that help you lose fat in different ways. The best fat burning supplements use a combination of these methods to achieve rapid weight loss results.

1. Appetite Suppressants

How does this type of fat burner work? You guessed it! They suppress your appetite. They use a combination of stimulants and herbal ingredients to make you feel full. One such ingredient is the dietary fiber glucomannan, which absorbs liquid and expands. It, therefore, takes more space in your stomach and makes you feel more full.

2. Thermogenics

The best thermogenic supplements such as caffeine and green tea extract promote weight loss by raising your core body temperature and increase your metabolism. This makes you burn more calories with the same effort.

3. Stimulant Free (Non-Stim)

Non-stim fat burners are a great option for those that suffer from side effects associated with taking relatively low doses of stimulants such as caffeine. Stimulant free weight loss supplements promote healthy fat loss with a combination of appetite suppressants and carbohydrate blockers.

4. Carbohydrate Blockers

White kidney bean extract is perhaps the only fat loss ingredient with research-backed carbohydrate blocking effects. Basically, it prevents the enzyme in your body that’s responsible for digesting starches to do its job. Which means that some carbohydrates may pass through your body undigested.


What is the best fat burning supplement?

Right now, the best fat burners to lose weight faster are ShredFIERCE for men and Leanbean for women. They include effective fat burners such as Glucomannan and Chromium.

What are fat burning pills?

They are weight loss supplements and diet pills that can help people achieve faster weight loss. They usually only work if you follow a healthy diet and exercise regime.

What is the best belly fat burner pill?

Keep in mind that there are no diet pills or supplements that can target a specific area on your body. With that said, the best fat burners to lose weight today are ShredFierce and Leanbean.

How long should I take fat burners for?

Follow the directions on the label on your fat burner for optimal results. Fat burners that contain caffeine and other stimulants should be cycled on and off every month or so. Your doctor can help you decide how long to take a specific fat burner.

What are fat burners?

They are vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and herbs that are supported by scientific evidence to help men or women achieve fat loss more easily than with just diet and exercise alone.

Should I take fat burners?

You should not add any supplements to your diet without consulting with your doctor first. Typically, it’s not recommended to add a fat burner to your routine, unless you’ve already hit a plateau with your diet and exercise program. A healthy diet and a healthy exercise routine should be a priority first before taking fat burners.

How to use fat burner?

Follow the directions on the label of your fat-burning supplement. Typically they should be swallowed with a glass of water before a meal and spread throughout the day.

When to take a fat burner?

Typically with most weight loss supplements, you should take them before your meals. Especially if they have appetite-suppressing effects. Usually, the dose should be spread throughout the day. Fat burners that contain stimulants should not be taken before bed as they can keep you up at night. With that said, you need to follow the instructions on the label.

How to take green tea fat burner pills?

Green tea fat burner pills are typically meant to be swallowed with water throughout the day. They boost your metabolism and may have stimulant types of effects, so they should be avoided a few hours before bedtime.

What is a natural fat burner?

When companies use the term a natural fat burner, they usually mean that their product is legal and only contains natural ingredients that are found directly in or extracted from substances found in nature.

What is the best thermogenic fat burner?

Thermogenic fat burners increase your metabolism. If you’re looking for supplements that increase thermogenesis in your body, look for products with ingredients such as Cayenne Pepper, Green Tea Extract, Green Coffee Bean, and Synephrine.

Can I take fat burners on an empty stomach?

Many fat burners contain stimulants, and if you’re not used to those you may experience side effects associated with high stimulants such as anxiety or panic attacks. Other than for that reason, you should be able to take a fat burner on an empty stomach.


Now you’ve learned about the best fat burner supplements and you should be armed with the knowledge to make the right decision for you. You’ve hopefully realized that weight loss takes time and effort. One fat burner can not do the work for you. If you want to lose weight you need to begin by assessing your current diet and training program.

Exercising more, and replacing junk food that is high in sugar and calories with real nutrient-dense foods should be your priority. Focus on eating foods that do not need an ingredient label. These are for example vegetables, fruits, lean meats, eggs, nuts, and almonds. This will get you on the right track.

Once you’ve fixed your bad habits with new healthy ones, and once you’ve hit a weight loss plateau, you can consider adding a high-quality fat burner to your program to help you lose weight.