‘Best store there ever was’

wafi jr

Requiescat in tempo, Mountain View Market Co+op (1975-2020). We’ll miss out on you!

Normally we’re preventing several inner and exterior battles. Battles to be slender or develop muscle or be far more conscious in day to day life battles to keep away from letting the worst of our “culture” (speedy food, television, greed, racism, hyperpartisanship) poison us in one particular way or yet another. Efforts to be a much healthier human being aid us grow to be a more healthy neighborhood.

In numerous these types of battles, I leaned on the Co+Op, the place I could conveniently get regional, nutritious food items from pleasant folks. I generally bicycled there and if I drove, I didn’t waste a great deal fuel. We also saved bucks by acquiring in bulk — purchasing nonperishable things in big portions.

A lot more:‘I’m heartbroken.’ Right after 45 years, Mountain View Market place Co+op closes

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