City Rebounding with Troy Monroe

Troy Monroe puts on a dance show for passing motorists on the corner of Coburg Road near the Ferry Street Bridge in Eugene.

Troy Monroe, 51, is a dancer and teacher who can be identified from time to time on the corner of a significant intersection in Eugene bouncing on a mini trampoline. 

“I utilised to be a dancer back again in the working day,” Monroe mentioned. “I uncovered about the science of the mini trampoline through the originator Al Carter who was an Olympic athlete.” (Carter made the mini trampoline in the 1970s, branding his creation the Rebounder. He also posted quite a few guides touting its fitness positive aspects.)

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“(Carter) came up with a full science of the energy of the Rebounder, and it appeared like one thing that would essentially function effectively with my dance design from years back,” Monroe mentioned. “So I started out to create a design and style I connect with ‘Urban Rebounding’ and have been training courses ever considering the fact that. It is in essence dancing mixed with jumping,” he added.