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Continue to focus on your health and happiness, remembering that more is caught than taught. If she sees you exercising, making healthy food choices and being kind to your body, then she is more likely to make the same choices.

Dear Annie: This is addressed to “Confused About Cellphones.” A partial fix would be to take data off the phones. Our kids have cellphones that text and call only. They have internet usage at home on other devices, and this solution really helps! — A Different Way

Dear Different Way: That sounds very clever. Thanks for sharing.

Dear Annie: I met this guy on a dating app. He seems to be pretty nice, but he’s moving too fast. We have only been talking for three days, and he has told me he loves me several times. He seems to be genuine, but I have to protect my heart in case he’s not. I want to hang in there because I don’t want to miss out on a good guy. But he doesn’t want to take things slow. I’m not sure what to do. Please help! — Totally Confused

Dear Totally Confused: Part of a healthy relationship is respecting the other person’s personal boundaries. Saying, “I love you” after only three days of talking does seem fast, but you are the only one who knows in your heart if it feels genuine or if it could be reciprocated with time.

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