EPSTEIN | Entomophagy and Me

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One particular of my earliest recollections was when, as a toddler, I ate a grasshopper-flour cookie with flies baked into it. I was 4 years old, on a excursion to a organic sciences museum that experienced a exclusive insect exhibit providing meals designed from insects, with an enthusiastic attendee that was encouraging all the youngsters to check out a single. I do not keep in mind just about anything else from that working day apart from the apprehension before having the cookie, the distress though chewing the cookie, and looking down apologetically at my bumblebee rainboots just after finishing the cookie.

Feeding on bugs, or entomophagy, may well not attraction to a lot of Cornellians. Culturally it can be challenging, as it was to toddler-me, and rightfully so as through our life we develop sturdy definitions of what is and isn’t food stuff according to the societies we are introduced up in. Even so, entomophagy is a massive portion of the human culinary working experience across the planet, and there’s a whole lot of value in eating bugs even though opening the door to a entire new culinary frontier that I believe is value striving.

Across cultures, there’s a rationale bugs are eaten by around two billion individuals all around the planet as element of a common diet plan — they taste superior. From juicy sausages to higher-conclusion ice product, bugs can be applied to make some really scrumptious dishes. Even notable figures in the Western eating entire world have taken observe — take it from movie star chef Gordon Ramsey, who was impressed to make his very own recipe for an Indian dish consisting of ant chutney, immediately after contacting the first “the world’s greatest chutney.” 

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