Essential Steps To Take When You Meet With a Minor Car Accident!

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Despite the severity of the injury or damages incurred due to a car accident, the victim is provided with legal options to file a claim as compensation and receive a fair settlement depending on the judgement delivered at the courtroom. 

Often a minor injury or in the event of non-severe damage caused by a car accident, it is legally termed as “fender bender”, wherein the victim still has the right to file a lawsuit. In such cases, getting in touch with a car accidents lawyer should be your priority. The lawyer has vast experience and is aware of all the legal steps to take your case further. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you have a minor injury due to a car accident:

Although the injury may not appear to be severe, there are some crucial things you must keep in mind as a precautionary measure to avoid ending up in a stressful and challenging situation. The following are a few recommended things to do if you are injured minorly due to a car accident:

  • Stop the engine: The immediate step after meeting with an accident is to pull over to a side of the road safely and turn on the hazard lights to avoid further accidents in the same spot. Even minor injuries due to a car accident should be checked right away. Additionally, it will also relieve the passengers from the accident’s shock.

  • Reporting the accident: Even if there was no injury due to the accident, you are advised to call 911 and let the police know about what had happened. The official report investigated and produced by the police officers can help in fighting for a claim and will serve as strong evidence. 

  • Gathering utmost evidence: Before the police arrive, you can utilise the time to document the injury that occurred and take pictures of the location for evidence purposes. Ensure that you click pictures of any damages to the car. Lastly, if there are witnesses present around, ensure that you take their contact number. This will further help you when filing a claim. 

  • Avoid making any statements: It is natural for a person to have anger in a stressful situation, but you must try to remain silent even if the injury caused was minor and let the police do the investigation. 

  • Collect relevant information: Both the drivers have the right to exchange information after a car accident since it may help with the insurance claim. So, you can get the other person’s license details, his insurance company contact details, and data about the car.

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