Glenn’s Weekly Motivational-The Resolution Debacle

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The dumbest word in the English language every January is:


The firm decision to do or not do something….The reason I’m against it, is because most of us RESOLVE to NOT do something due to our self-inflicted guilt from how we handled our lives during the holidays. Combine that with COVID and quarantine, and a lot of us think we need an intervention specialist to recommend unhappiness and then charge us an outrageous hourly fee for the advice.

​New year, new you. It’s time to get back into a routine, stop enjoying certain foods, drinks, and activities like Netflix and slothing, because it’s unhealthy…

While I am a huge proponent of a healthy lifestyle, the idea of pretending that the self sacrifice is worth it is as fake as Kim Kardashian’s…everything.

And the reasoning is simple….Most people give things up for a period of time, realize it cuts down on quality of life, and then go back to their old ways.

“So Glenn, you’re advocating living a life of indulgence…That hardly sounds healthy or even Christian of you”.


What if instead of giving something up, you resolved to ADD something? What if you learned something new that you’ve always wanted to do? I always wanted to learn how to make wine, so this past year I became a winemaker. I was always in the dark about banking and mortgages, blindly signing on the dotted line, and now I spend time each day learning what those papers actually mean…Making money in the process.

Here’s the beauty in all of it. The more motivated you get in your own confidence, the more the other stuff changes too. Fulfilling your mind leads to fulfilling your career to its potential..which leads to fulfilling your relationships..Which leads to fulfilling your health..because now, you’re on a rollercoaster of positivity, and the ride keeps gaining speed like a carnie’s dream at the IX Indoor Amusement Park (RIP).

All of a sudden, you’re not giving up the things that gave you happiness, you’re creating new ones from the ground up like they’re Teslas and you’re Elon Musk. Sacrifice becomes a by-product of your new-found happiness. Living the meat-life in an Impossible Burger world. And….I’m done with the analogies.

Make a resolution to add to your life instead of detracting from it, and watch it snowball like…

Wait, I’m done with the analogies

All my best as you figure out life and the relationships in it

XOXO Glenn

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