Healthful, uncooked, vegan…chocolate? It exists, many thanks to this Bellingham business

Wholesome, Raw, and Vegan.

All terms we expect to see on heath and natural and organic foods, but on chocolate? That is a very little much more exceptional, but not for Bellingham’s LunaVida Chocolates.

These mini organic squares of chocolate love you right back again, and are handmade from LunaVida’s kitchen area to yours.

But how does a raw foods diet plan and chocolate go alongside one another?

Enter Lisa Tenney, LMT, Doula, and Uncooked Chocolatier, building her vision of the planet within the town limits of Bellingham, WA. She is the mastermind and sweet creator guiding LunaVida Chocolates, and is just one very chaotic female. Other than handcrafting each individual of her chocolates, she runs a massage treatment observe and birthing doula solutions out of the very same area inside of the Tending Moon Center, located on Cornwall Avenue in the coronary heart of Bellingham.

The birthing of LunaVida commenced just as a way for Tenney to satisfy her possess sweet tooth whilst sustaining her integrity to health. Quite a few of the chocolate bars lining market shelves include processed meals elements and additives, not to point out dairy.

“I think what we take in and in which it arrives from is of the utmost importance to our health and fitness and wellbeing,” she stated.

Tenney desired a better alternative. The quest for chocolate which in shape into her vegan and uncooked food items food plan commenced.

A raw foods diet plan is described as plant-dependent, commonly vegan, consisting of new or dried fruits, greens, nuts, and seeds. Uncooked and unprocessed foods are a central target retaining with the belief that food items keep their maximum stage of nutrition in the all-natural condition. A meals is viewed as uncooked if it has never ever been heated about 104-118 levels Fahrenheit. Likewise, if any ingredient has been refined, pasteurized, or tainted with pesticides it is no for a longer time considered a raw meals.

At LunaVida the chocolates are designed at 115 degrees or underneath. Once blended, they are cooled down to 82 levels in which they take on a wonderful shine and easy texture.

A vegetarian given that the age of nine and vegan at the age of 13, Tenney has spent most of her lifetime advocating for the welfare of animals and for the atmosphere. She feels it vitally vital to resource all of her components for the maximum top quality in flavor as perfectly as ethics. She searches for sustainable growers and producers for all ingredients likely into her chocolate treats, guaranteeing they are organic and natural and fair-trade. Even in the packaging, she strives for it to be very low-waste, recyclable, and compostable every time achievable.

The key component serving as the canvas for these artistic creations is (to some degree naturally) – chocolate. Or far more specifically, cacao – a uncooked superfood in and of itself. Not to be puzzled with cocoa, which is a refined and processed variation of chocolate.

We are all common with chocolate’s affiliation as an aphrodisiac. But actually it is the cacao – the raw food – which retains that sensual house! Other wellness attributes of this raw chocolate superfood are remaining higher in antioxidants, advertising healthful skin, heart wellness, improving mind operate, maximizing mood, and might even assist in fat decline.

Tenney functions as component chemist and component alchemist in her kitchen area as she turns the uncooked cacao and other natural components into sweet, chocolaty goodness. Go to her website and you will discover a lot of chocolate flavors to select from. These are not your conventional blended assortment candies, but rather impressed by the flavors Tenney likes most effective. Some of her favorites involve “Spicy Mango”, “Coconut”, “Pecan and Caramel” and even a seasonal selection of “Pumpkin Spice and “Candy Cane Crunch”. And you far better feel there are likely to be some Valentine’s Working day specials!

“Pick a task you love, and you will hardly ever have to operate a day in your everyday living” claims the preferred quote from Confucius. Lisa Tenney has carried out just that – pairing her function with what she enjoys, and it preferences heavenly!

Her sweets, crafted from the coronary heart, can be requested as a result of her website, Etsy retail store, or domestically in Bellingham at the Tending Moon Center.