How to help an alcoholic? Effective methods of fighting addictions

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Addiction to alcohol, despite the popular opinion, is not always visible to the naked eye. People who deal with everything on a daily basis, are full of optimism and cheerfulness, can “save themselves” with another glass of vodka or wine in solitude. Alcoholism is not only about getting drunk on a low level. It is a way to deal with stress, unpleasant feelings, nervous and emotional tension. A relaxing sip of alcohol can be the beginning of the end. Therefore, it is important to be vigilant of relatives who may interrupt dangerous relaxation in time. 

How Can I Help an Alcoholic Overcome His Addiction?

Narcotic substances, thanks to their properties, are often chosen by people as their way of coping with stress. Unfortunately, doing so is a common mistake. It does not bring anything constructive into our life, it makes us forget about difficulties and troubles only for a short while. At the moment, it is not worth falling into such a dangerous and difficult addiction as alcoholism. Fortunately, there are effective ways to combat this disease. So how do you help an alcoholic who wants to get treatment, and how do you deal with someone who is unmotivated?

Alcoholism is a disease

To learn how to help an alcoholic, basic knowledge of the mechanism of drug addiction is required. The causes of alcoholism are not fully understood. Since every organism is different and reacts differently to different doses of narcotic substances, it is assumed that it is not possible to clearly determine why people become addicted to this substance. However, the power of habit is certainly caused by the effects of alcohol on our brain. By consuming this substance in difficult times, we begin to associate it with a pleasant and relaxing moment. In this way, we activate the reward center located in our brain. The release of sedative hormones promotes relaxation and relaxation, and we mistakenly believe that this is due to alcohol. This is how the circle closes. We drink to loosen up, and only relax when we drink.

Apart from the fact that alcoholism is a disease (even called a disease of civilization), it is also a significant social problem. It affects not only the life and functioning of the alcoholic himself, but also those around him. The addicted person neglects family and professional responsibilities, making them fall on other people. Also all (often correct) interpersonal relations are disturbed.

However, you don’t become an alcoholic overnight. Addiction comes gradually and is a long-term disorder. An addict most often goes through all four phases of alcoholism: prealcoholic, warning, critical and chronic. In each of them, the symptoms of alcohol addiction are exacerbated and increased. However, treatment can be started at any stage of the addiction – it is never too early or too late. How to help an alcoholic, since he is struggling with such a serious disease? It’s best to convince him to see a specialist.

A few rules on how to help an alcoholic

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Certainly, the problem faced by an addicted person should not be underestimated. The resignation or discontinuation of alcoholism therapy may endanger the life and health of the addicted person. The problems and difficulties of the alcohol abuser should not be laughed at, even if they seem trivial. Each of us has a different mental and emotional resilience.

It also doesn’t help the alcoholic to hide his problems from others. Taking responsibility for your own actions only deepens the sense of carefree, and “covering” can create a strong feeling of guilt and shame that will prevent you from starting therapy.

The patient’s motivation to start therapy should be consistently pursued. However, you cannot follow the alcoholic step by step, watching over his behavior and actions.

Effective therapy

How to recognize alcohol addiction to help the alcoholic in time? The addict himself rarely sees his problem, and even less frequently asks for help in solving it. At the beginning, they displace the possibility of addiction from their consciousness, make ineffective attempts to prove that they are coping well with everything. However, it is easy to see alarming signals: seeking opportunities to drink alcohol, drinking alone, the alcoholic’s growing “possibilities”, loss of consciousness, difficulties with memory and reconstruction of events. If they occur, contact a specialist and motivate the alcoholic to try to overcome the addiction with the help of a therapist.

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