Pharrell Shares Skin-Treatment Regimen on Vogue’s Natural beauty Strategies

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Just take notes, y’all: The maestro is educating. Pharrell Williams is at last letting us in on what has kept him wanting so youthful at the age of 47. And even though the answer could only be his great wealth, the new music producer broke down the basic techniques of his early morning regime for Vogue’s “Beauty Secrets” YouTube collection. In the video, he shares important skin-care strategies some gentlemen may perhaps not have caught on to but, like the relevance of SPF and exfoliation, even though promoting his new gender-neutral pores and skin-treatment model, Humanrace Wellness. He also shares a splendor magic formula from a different ageless movie star, Naomi Campbell: “Naomi made use of to say it all the time,” he says, right before slipping into a posh Naomi Campbell effect. “Like, Pharrell, when you clean your facial area, you go upward, not downward. Gravity.” And in that minute, God, a.k.a. Naomi Campbell, established gravity, allowing the universe to coalesce. Pharrell is the just one with all the hoopla all over his pores and skin, but he presents all the credit rating to his feminine pals and girlfriends. “I’m a person,” he shrugs. “Who’s gonna explain to me [about skin care] besides the attractive women of all ages that have been in my everyday living?” Girls, send out this to the male who keeps employing your good moisturizer and thank Pharrell later.

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