Seven important things about wearing a seat belt during pregnancy- Portland

What do you do when you learn that you are pregnant? Of course, you take a couple of home kit tests to confirm, but eventually, you fix an appointment with your doctor. A trusted medical expert reassures that you and the life inside you would be safe under their supervision. But often, there are medical mistakes that lead to complications and termination of pregnancy in some cases. If you are going through this traumatic situation and want to seek expert opinion in Portland, learn more

Apart from the medical mistakes, many situations may put a pregnant lady at risk, and driving is one.

Why is it considered risky to drive while you are pregnant?

Though pregnancy is the most important and memorable phase of every woman’s life, it can be risky and complicated after a certain point if we do not take proper care and assess the risk involved in any activity. It can be as simple as driving a car.

Although driving is considered safe for pregnant ladies most of the time, it can pose serious situations in case of any discomfort.

-A study conducted in 2014 states that pregnant ladies are more vulnerable to car accidents than non-pregnant ones due to pregnancy hormones. The study also said that risk is less for a pregnant lady as a passenger than a driver.

-All the trimesters are equally risky, unlike what they say is all well in the second trimester. Accidents were reported 42 percent more than in the other two trimesters.

What is the importance of driving with a seatbelt during pregnancy?

– Seat belts are essential whether you are pregnant or not.

-Seat belts give the necessary support while driving, and there is a very little chance of injury to you and your baby if it is worn correctly.

– If you are wearing a three-point seat belt correctly, there is a very chance that you will be uncomfortable.

– Make sure that the seat belt is placed far below your belly rather than straight across your tummy.

– Make sure that the bottom of the wheel is adjusted upward and not parallel to the stomach.

-You may also try a seat belt positioner if that suits you.

– Check with your midwife the best way to put the belt so that it doesn’t make you uncomfortable and nor is it risky for the baby if it happens to be a long drive.

To conclude, Drive if you are confident that you will handle any situation. If you are not, just give it a total miss.