Signs That Your Divorce Will Be Complex

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No couple deserves to go through a divorce, but unfortunately, many couples decide that separating will work in their best interests. Often, divorces bring the evil side of your partner that you may have never imagined. Before proceeding with the procedure, you may have plenty of questions. One of the most common questions is, will your divorce be a high conflict divorce?


One of the best ways to get all your questions answered is by talking to an experienced Rochester family law attorney. With their years of experience, an attorney can solve your queries and guide you about how to proceed with the divorce ahead. 


However, below are some common signs that your divorce will be a high conflict. 

  • Your spouse is highly controlling in finances. 


Often one spouse deals with all the finances of both the partners involved. If your spouse is exceptionally financially controlling, the probability that they will not agree to the division of money, property, and assets. In worse cases, they may refuse to share with you and claim that the assets and the other finances belong to them. Furthermore, they may manipulate you to settle for less than you deserve. 

  • Your partner has personality disorders. 


Partners with personality disorders can make the divorce process complex and highly conflicting. Sometimes their behavior can trigger you or make you angry. However, you must remain calm in such a situation and avoid encouraging their behavior. You can calmly react or talk to them to avoid taking a bad turn. 

  • Your spouse hired an attorney and is filing various motions. 


Your spouse may drag the divorce process by filing various motions. Your spouse may also hire an attorney who will fight for even a tiny asset out of anger, greed, or frustration of the divorce. In a worse scenario, the attorney will work with your spouse to make you bankrupt or burden you with plenty of emotional baggage for life. 

  • Your partner needs everything their own way. 


Usually, you can predict the divorce will be a high conflict when your partner is unwilling to compromise on various crucial aspects. When you decide to separate, you need to make a vital decision on each aspect, especially when minor children are involved. Do not compromise on child custody and give in because your spouse influences or forces you to. 


If all the signs mentioned above describe your partner well, it is time to talk to an attorney who helps get your rights and ensures you get what you deserve. A lawyer will also talk to your spouse to make the divorce hassle-free and fair for both the partners involved. 

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